Silent Music 9


Gathered in 2003;
6 parts, 59 minutes.

This music tells about the beauty of the proces of dying, as a natural transition to our true home.

The first - very long - part helps to relax; on the end a little music-box brings us to bed.

The second part follows in shorthand the process of dying: the denial, the grieve about unfinished business, retrospection on the flowering time of this life and the beautiful things, the surrender to the process and the helping hands of loved ones and angels. The end comes - just as sometimes when watching with a dying person - suddenly.
In part 3 loved ones welcome the soul and show the new environment.

Part 4 tells about meeting a Being of Light; much about the life you lived becomes clear. Part 5 reflects further on this.

The last part is a dancing farewell leading us back to "this" world.

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Rob Schlebaum, 2014