Silent Music 10


Gathered in 2003; 6 parts, 58 minutes.

Besides the music I received since 1991 in relation with my N.D.E. I received some more "neutral" Songs of Praise. On the CD "Silent Music 10" I gathered six songs of this kind.

The first song - "Chant" - refers to the Gregorian Chant. The atmosphere of this song rises above the personal, as if the song "sings itself".

Part 2 and 3 refer to the rituals of the Celtic Druids. After a long time of expectation a very slow dance opens the doorway to the heavens.
In part 4 Nature self sings a hymn, like on a warm sunny day in a beautiful mountain valley.

Part 5 seemingly starts with a complaint, but finally changes into a dance; far-away a barrel-organ plays.

The last part is an invitation to join the songs of praise; more and more other voices join in.

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Rob Schlebaum, 2014