All is well 
Silent Music

After 2007 being relatively "silent", 2008 started with lots of music asking to be recorded or finished.
The title "All is well" came automatically with the first notes of that song. Tears of joy did not stop running down my face until I finished the song. Later on, other people had the same experience.

Heaven opens

Listening to a little "start" made in 2005, suddenly the walls of my room disappeared and I was allowed to look into the Universe; I finished the piece in one stream of happiness and gratitude.

The penultimate song deepens the feeling of Gratitude.

The last song is called "Afterglow".
All is well?

More than 34 years after having a N.D.E.,
I still experience the discrepancy between the unconditional love I encountered "there" and the "manners" of the world.

Luckily I can sometimes go beyond these feelings of duality and experience "All-that-is" as "All-is-Well".

This music brought me there without searching.
Please use these buttons to listen to examples of the songs.

Rob Schlebaum, 2015